Florida Salt Scrubs

The sea water used to create our salt is that of a sea shore mangrove area, which is a salt water ecosystem that naturally removes all undesirable elements. This filtration process is carried out by mother nature through indigenous plants and shell fish.

After the salt has been harvested and delivered in pristine condition, the arduous process of grinding it down to the perfect ultra fine crystal size begins. This is important so that our salt scrub feels soft and smooth, and maximizes the delivery of important minerals to the skin. It’s those minerals contained within the pure Atlantic sea salt that will help keep your hands, feet, and body so wonderfully smooth.

From there we turn to the natural plant world found here in beautiful Florida for inspiration where we gently mix the salt with no more than a few carefully chosen ingredients. By doing so, we get a combination that creates an absolutely wonderful cleansing and aromatic experience that even words are challenged to describe. It truly is one of those things you have to experience for yourself.

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