Frankie & Myrrh

Frankie & Myrrh makes aromatherapy fun! Kim’s venture into aromatherapy started as a stressed-beyond-belief social worker in Oakland, CA. Looking for an alternative to readily-available coping methods like Valium or whiskey, she decided to try aromatherapy on the suggestion of a nurse/friend. Several college classes later, including a bitter struggle with organic chemistry, she started making what she thought at the time were the greatest blends of all-time blends.

The more monumental struggle was for her to explain her products to her friends, coworkers, and family. She would regale (aka bore-to-death) them with the virtues of sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, and aldehydes contained in the essential oils. To her surprise, they just weren’t fans of polysyllabic words like her. After awhile she started giving funny/stupid nicknames to her blends so that she could more easily explain their uses and benefits. To her surprise, suddenly people were more, much more interested and Frankie & Myrrh was born.

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